Working on this page before some others because it may seem to not really have ties to Amateur Radio. This is to clarify that you can play with radios! This will start as a quick guide, and I’ll elaborate on it more in the future.

Fox Hunt

The idea here is that one person is the fox. The fox sets up a transmitter, usually low power, in a hidden location away from the intended starting point. Once it begins transmitting, the other operators try to be the first to locate the Fox. Not always easy. As you get closer it can be more difficult to determine the direction of the signal.


This game is played on mobile phones. The same company put out Pokemon-Go a few year later. The premise is there are two teams, Blue and Green. There are sites that each team tries to capture, and when these sites create a polygon, the area is captured, and turns the color of the capturing team. Competing teams see this real time, and will try to win back their locations.

By using HAM Radio, captures can be coordinated, thus areas captured and points gained. Yes you could do this via phone or texts, but once you do it on radio, it is so much easier.


So not really gaming, but it’s still spare time fun use of radio.

Model Aircraft/Boats/etc

Ham Radio has frequencies for RC boats and planes that are just for Ham Radio Operators! So if the other channels are crowded, we can just use our own.


Not only for controlling the drone, but we have our own frequencies for the video channels as well.