Amateur Radio

Kinda the basis for this entire site. Might be why it’s got a Call Sign!

This site covers all of my interests in amateur radio, also known as HAM radio, as well as some other things that are interesting or desired to do in the future. The menu button that got you here has a sub menu with more specific subjects. Additionally, most of the other main menu items are related to amateur radio in one way or another. As with anything, there are exceptions.

If you haven’t read the overview page, I recommend you do so. If you are interested in becoming licensed, there are many ways to go about it based on how you learn best. It can be a lot of fun and you’ll meet a lot of new people.

Tim Allen is a licensed amateur radio operators. In fact, most of the crew for Last Man Standing are licensed HAMs.

“But HAMs are a bunch of old geezers”. LMAO, there are a lot of us, but there are a lot of young people too. Elementary school kids on up. The geezers can help you avoid pitfalls and provide you with expertise that allows you to avoid problems that they learned the hard way. Pick their brains. More young people are getting their license now due to preparing for emergencies, zombie apocalypse, supporting other hobbies, playing games, talking to people all over the world, keeping in touch with family outside of their immediate area, etc.

In my experience, many people get licensed for one reason, and end up finding other things that they enjoy.

Changes At KE6PIJ

The Framing in the basement for the HAM Shack has been in place for a while. The area has been emptied out, (i.e. I’m off the air for a while), because the sheetrock has arrived and the walls will be going up within a week or two! Once that is done and painted, (still working on a color), then the desktop and shelving goes in. This should be happening fast.

At least there is something productive to do when it’s well below freezing outside! This is still exciting. There seems to be only one aspect of the station that is up in the air. The doorway needs a door. It’s 4ft wide to easily allow moving equipment in and out, when necessary. The original design was for a sliding door, like a barn door. Unless something else pops out, that is likely what will be used. Pictures soon.